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Religious Tourism Vihara Vipassana Graha Lembang

Religious Tourism Vihara Vipassana Graha Lembang. Vipassana Graha is a vihara (Buddhist shrines) in Lembang is known up to foreign countries.

Located on Jl. Kol. Masturi No. 69, Sukajaya village, district. Lembang, Religious Tourism Vipassana Graha Temple achieved Lembang very nudah of Bandung city. Only 10 km away from Bandung.

Although this place is a place of worship for Buddhists, many non-Buddhist people also often visited the monastery Religious Tourism Vipassana Graha Lembang. Either to see the architecture of the building, to meditate to calm your mind or just a walk enjoying the cool air and beautiful scenery around the monastery.

Tourism Religious architecture in Lembang Vihara Vipassana Graha is unique, just like the monastery and shrine that could be encountered in Thailand. Not surprising since this is actually Vihara Buddhist Vihara of Teravada growing in Thailand
Religious Tourism Vihara Vipassana Graha Lembang

Characteristic of the Vihara Vipassana Graha is the 2 pieces of white elephant statue that carries Wheel of Dhamma.Kemudian monastery complex in Religious Tourism Vipassana Graha Lembang we also can find 10,000 Building Dhammasalah Buddha! Why named so? Because in this building is a statue of Buddha as many as 10,000 pieces of donors

One of the charms of Religious Tourism Vipassana Graha Temple Lembang This is the corner of giving to the Arahat. Panca Maha Bala surrounds the temple, giving it a unique place once. All around the temple is fitted with some sort of a place to put a coin cup. We buy coins (for charity / donate) and get a glass of coins.

These coins are then placed in the cup. 1 coin for 1 cup. Coins awarded in each cup so that we inevitably surround the temple building. In the cup final, we calculate how many coins are left and take the numbered paper containing advice message. Number of the paper in accordance with the number of coins remaining

The visitors who want to stay at the monastery Religious Tourism Vipassana Graha Lembang cost about 50,000 per day. There are 10 rooms in this complex can be hired. Space can also be rented hall, usually with volunteer funds. This hall is located directly in front of a statue of a white elephant. Admin with other webmaster friends non Buddhist who had hired the hall to learn meditation guided by Bhante. Please contact the temple committee and include proposals that include any of our activities there.

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